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Zurich, New York is a cycle of
three new plays by three playwrights Zurich, New York

May 16 - 31 @ The Tank
151 West 46th, 8th floor

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Repast by Lindsay Joy
Rocks by Charlotte Miller
When You Go by Alex Riad

Each play takes place on the same day on a dock in Zurich: a fictional town on a lake in upstate New York. In Repast, Celia and Frank have come back home for their father’s funeral. They’re not the same people that grew up here.

Rocks introduces two members of the notably strange Emmons clan: Emmet and Emmi. They’re opening a souvenir rock shop on the banks of the lake, desperately trying to escape their limbo of existence.

When You Go ends the day when Josh, Mike, Becca and Clark get together for one more night before one of them leaves Zurich for New York City. A casual night becomes a hotbed for expressing what’s really happening below the surface.

Life is cyclical. What will you do to change it?

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Meet the Zurich, New York cast:

  • Chris Bellant

  • Gillian Glasco

  • Evan Hall

  • Kate Lydic

  • Sevrin Anne Mason

  • Neil Tyrone Pritchard

  • Brian Reisman

  • Jelena Stupljanin

  • Timothy Weinert

Zurich Info  Zurich Cast  Tickets

Sneak Peek from recording sessions

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